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How to Write a Career Objective

A Career Objective, sometimes called a Resume Objective, is the most common and most traditional introductions for a resume. It is usually very direct and to the point. But, there is a right way and a wrong way to write one. Here we will go over how to get yours right as well as show you […]

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How to Write a Professional Profile

A Professional Profile is a bit of a hybrid resume opening. It gives you a chance to offer up a little more information than you normally would in a Career Objective, but it’s not as comprehensive as a Summary of Qualifications. As you would expect, since this is a hybrid, it’s much less common. If […]

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How to Write a Summary of Qualifications

A Summary of Qualifications, sometimes called a Qualifications Summary, is a more advanced open to your resume than a Career Objective. Writing one takes a little more effort, but you can also get a lot more information in front of a human resources representative quickly. Keep reading to see if this is the right opening […]

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How to Write a Resume

Are you looking for your first job? Are you out of work and looking for a new job? Are you looking to change or advance your career? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to get to work and make a new resume or update your current one. But, how can […]

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