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Dental Assistant Resume Sample

It’s no secret that dentists don’t get the respect they deserve. But, their assistants, the unsung heroes of a dental practice, get even less. Regardless of how others in the medical profession and even the general public might wrongly view dental assistants, it’s still a great career with a very nice salary.​Dental assistants handle a […]

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Customer Service Resume Sample

Almost all industry has some form of customer service in place. Whether a small B2C brick & mortar retailer or a global B2B industrial goods manufacturer, customer questions, concerns, and complaints need to be managed.For a large majority of these companies that means having a team of professional customer service representatives in place. These employees […]

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Cashier Resume Sample

The brick & mortar retail world would come to a freeze without a steady supply of reliable cashiers to process customer orders.​But, as online shopping grows and more and more stores implement self-checkout options, showing potential employers that you’re the right person for their cashier position opening is more important than ever before.​Use our example […]

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Accountant Resume Sample

The accounting field covers a large area of careers. From in-house accountants that specialize in one area, such as accounts receivable, to those working for a firm that manages the finances for multiple businesses, the key to writing a quality accounting resume is to use numbers to show you will be an asset to the […]

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Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

Administrative assistants generally are in a role to help a business with its day-to-functions. Depending on the type of of business, typical duties can range from general clerical tasks to those of an office manager. Let’s take a look at a what a realistic applicant’s resume would look like and why.What this writing guide will […]

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Resume Examples

One of the best ways to get an idea of what your resume should look like is to take a look at an example resume.Not all resumes will look the same. Getting to see a sample that uses the same format at yours, or examining a resume sample for the same type of job you’re […]

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