How to Write a Professional Profile

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A Professional Profile is a bit of a hybrid resume opening. It gives you a chance to offer up a little more information than you normally would in a Career Objective, but it’s not as comprehensive as a Summary of Qualifications.

As you would expect, since this is a hybrid, it’s much less common. If you’re looking to give your resume a unique look yet professional look, keep reading.

Professional Profile Tips and Strategies

What this writing guide will cover:

Let’s take a look and see if this type of resume opening fits your experience level.

Who should use a Professional Profile

  • You have at least one year of experience in a similar industry of the position to which you are applying
  • The position you are applying to is not considered a low or no-skill position
  • You have at least one quantifiable milestone or achievement

Who should not use one

  • You don’t have any work experience
  • You have work experience, but it has zero relevance to the position in which you are applying
  • You have multiple milestones or achievement you want to highlight

Now that we know whether or not you should use this type of introduction on your resume, we can see what type of information you need to prepare.

What you should include


Always include managing a team, no matter the size.

Regardless of which opening you use, you need to make each one fits the position and company you are applying to. So, before you start writing anything, think some skills, experience, and anything else quantifiable and relevant to the company you are applying to.

In general, the main points you’ll want to cover are your relevant experience, your relevant skills, and proof of those skills. By proof, you can use hard numbers, awards, tangible training received, etc.

Compared to a Career Objective, all of this information needs to be hyper-targeted. Think of it from a hiring manager’s position. They want a specialist, not a general employee.

What you should not include

As noted above, the information in your Professional Profile needs to be extremely position relevant. That means you do not want to include unrelated education info from decades ago or anything else that isn’t on point to the targeted job.

Also, leave out your personal accomplishments. Completing a marathon might show you have strong will, but it doesn’t belong in this section unless you’re applying to a collegiate track & field coach position or something else in that field of work.

Basically, don’t include anything that doesn’t directly show anyone in a human resources department that you’re the only person for the job.

Professional Profile Examples

To get an idea of what makes a good bullet point and what doesn’t in regards to your Professional Profile, let’s take a look at some examples.

Change this:

  • I have worked in the insurance agency for for the past several years

To this:

  • 6 years of automotive claims adjustment experience for a privately held company


The first bullet point is extremely general. The only thing we really learn is that you were in the insurance industry. But, we don’t know for how long, what type of insurance, or what you did.

The corrected bullet point shows an exact number of years as well as the fact it was in the automotive sector of insurance. It also shows you worked in a privately held company, which might be something a hiring manager in another privately held firm could be interested in.

Simply speaking, the second bullet point has a ton of useful information when compared to the first.

Change this:

  • Professional buyer in the retail space

To this:

  • Professional buyer for 4 years for a national big box retail chain


The original bullet point is again too vague. It doesn’t give us any scope of your experience. It also is not focused enough.

The updated version gives a actual number for years of experience. It also let’s us know that not only did you work as a buyer for a national company, you worked with large expensive items. These skills might transfer into some positions that a retail clothing buyer’s skills may not.

Now let’s check out a compete example.

  • Advertising agency account director with four years of overseeing a team of six account managers
  • Skilled at monitoring and nurturing relationships between account managers and clients
  • Proven record of successfully assisting sales team in new client acquisition
  • Personally revamped company’s client relations SOP’s which led to a 17% increase in client retention

This example does a good job at using quantifiable numbers when possible. We see an exact number of years at the currently help position, the exact number of employees under the applicant’s direct supervision, and we even get a nice positive statistic in regards to client retention improvements.

In Summary

Professional Profiles are a great resume opening for you when you want something that goes into more detail than your standard Career Objective. They are also great when you want to really target specific positions, but you don’t want to draft something as career encompassing as a Qualifications Summary.

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