Jobs in Demand of Staff for 2019

medical support staff

If you are graduating from university at the end of 2018 or in the spring of 2019, you are probably extremely excited to move on the next stage of your life. But, just earning a degree does not guarantee you’ll land  hot job right away.

Depending on your previous experience, field of study, and networking connections, you may or may not have a lot of options. However, there are more likely going to be a demand for you skills in certain positions than in others.

Here are a few of them.

4 Hot Jobs for Upcoming Graduates

The good news is that there are going to be positions that can’t seem to be filled fast enough. But, does your education and skill set fit?

Translators & Interpreters

Before the globalization of the economy, most language majors remained in academia post graduation. And, while you will still find a lot of language majors aiming to teach, the demand for language skills in the business world is booming.

As a first year interpreter, you can expect to earn around $20 USD an hour. Salary of course greatly depends on the company as well as the scope of your duties.

On top of salary, a fringe benefit for many interpreters is frequent travel on the company dime.

Medical Support Staff

This is a wide open field. Due to the aging population of the USA, there is a shortage in almost every area of healthcare support. From home health aides to entirety of the various nursing positions, there are more jobs than there are people.

In fact, if you take all of the different support roles as a whole, there’s likely to be upward of a million job openings over the next several years. That’s a lot of open positions.

You won’t be a fit for all of them of course as certain positions like registered nurses require a very specific education path when compared to what’s required for a personal care aides. And, as much as the jobs vary so does the range of salaries.

Software & Application Developers

It should not come as a surprise that there always seems to be more open software positions than there are people to fill them. That trend is not changing anytime soon.

As businesses of all sizes become more reliant on IT and large companies seek to automate any task they can, they need software designed to fit their custom requirements. And, while there are already an all-time high amount of developers in the workforce, he demand is still outpacing the supply.

Aside from this being an in-demand field, it can also be quite lucrative with average salaries estimated to be around $60,000 USD or more.

Marketing Analysts

Analytics has been creeping its way into every aspect of modern life ever since it changed how the entire game of baseball was played. Marketing analysts have always been an important part of any successful business, but they are becoming even more important today due to the emergence of big data.

Analysts focus more on the research aspect and less on developing plans based on the research. But, there is a growing demand for those roles as well.

These are quite attractive positions for anyone coming out of a business or marketing program as they can often come with starting salaries of $50,000 USD or more.

In Summary

While those seeking to join the healthcare profession appear to be the big winners of the careers sweepstakes, there are many other industries with growing needs as well. From language majors to those with business degrees, no matter what open position you chase requires you have a quality well-written resume.

Your education will hopefully tick the boxes for what your desired position requires, your resume will get your foot in the door, and they rest is up to you.


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