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It’s no secret that dentists don’t get the respect they deserve. But, their assistants, the unsung heroes of a dental practice, get even less. Regardless of how others in the medical profession and even the general public might wrongly view dental assistants, it’s still a great career with a very nice salary.

​Dental assistants handle a lot of the preparation for check-ups and dental procedures, and also handle most of the x-ray duties. They also assist the dentist while their hands are occupied.

Below is a sample dental assistant resume along with a writing guide that will help you increase your odds of getting called in for an interview by drafting a resume to highlight exactly how you can be a great assistant to any practicing dentist.

What this dental assistant resume writing guide covers:

Example of a Dental Assistant Resume

Quick Facts

  • the applicant uses a Career Objective using the company name
  • the applicant chooses to place the experience section before the education section
  • the applicant includes her relevant certifications within the education section
  • the applicant uses a clear sectional headings and bolds her previous employers
Dental Assistant Resume Sample

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Text Version

Olivia Johnson 2218 Holton Ave Fort Wayne IN 46803 (260) 456-8208 Objective Dental Assistant for 4+ years delivering quality oral health care. Professional, responsible and supportive to the team. Looking to enhance patient experience at [COMPANY NAME] with exceptional chair-side expertise and customer service skills combined with sound knowledge of dental care. Experience Dental Assistant March 2014 – Current Worry Free Dentistry Schedule & confirm appointments, receive patients and payments, conduct predetermination requests, and order supplies Safely operate dental x-ray equipment Sterilize and disinfect instruments and equipment according to OSHA standards Instruct patients on postoperative and general oral health care Dental Assistant August 2012 – February 2014 Smile Bright Ltd Prepared trays of instruments for all dental procedures Assisted in basic supportive dental procedures Provided patient comfort both before and after exams and dental work Audited inventory of medical supplies on a monthly basis Education Dental Assistant Training August 2011 – June 2012 IPFW Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) from Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) member for continuing education and professional development Hold current CPR and X-ray certifications

Dental Assistant Resume Writing Tips

It’s very important to remember that when applying to a dental practice, you are basically trying to explain to a dentist and not a company on how you will be of assistance. You will be right there with them as they work on patients, so they want to know you'll be a good assistant without being babysat.

Target One Business with Your Dental Assistant Resume

Shotgunning or mass submitting a generic dental assistant resume all over the place is a big no-no in all industries. It’s even more important to avoid this tactic in the medical profession, which a dentist's assistant of course falls in.

Let the dental office to which you apply to know you’re serious about working specifically for them by inserting their business’s name into your Career Objective. This doesn’t mean you cannot use the same resume opening for more than one dental office, but just make sure to insert the correct business name.

You also want to show you are not going to need ground up training. Mention the years of experience you have along with any practical hands-on experience. On our applicant's dental assistant resume example she has specified exceptional chair-side expertise.

Emphasize Safety and Skills

​With the litigious nature of modern society, one of the most important words in a dental office is safety. It’s essential you let your potential future employer know you take safety seriously. The fictitious applicant does so in a couple ways.

  • Safely operate dental x-ray equipment

Many substandard resumes will just mention that the you can operate or have been trained on x-rays. Our applicant takes it a step above however by saying she not only OK to take x-rays, but does so safely. It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Next she uses important industry terminology.

  • Sterilize and disinfect instruments and equipment according to OSHA standards
The applicant mentions OSHA. This does two very important things. First, it shows you know what you’re talking about and just not making claims about being safe. Second, it puts important keywords on your resume just in case the dental practice uses an outside firm for hiring that screens resumes using an applicant tracking system.

However, as important as it is to stress how safe you are, don’t forget to include all of your other skills too.

Sport Those Certs on Your Dental Assistant Resume

Skills are great as is education, but round out your dental assistant resume by including some important certifications.​

  • Hold current CPD and X-ray certifications

Another important word here along with the certifications themselves is current. Many people who don’t take their work seriously may let their certs lapse. Show you’re on top of your game and always keep yours in good standing.

It’s a good idea to jam in a few important acronyms too for both the reviewer and on the off chance you have to pass an applicant tracking system. Our applicant includes:

  • CDA
  • DANB
  • ADAA

Just make sure you really have affiliations with any association you list. It’s OK to talk yourself up, but it’s not OK to outright lie.

In Summary

Many dental practices are fairly small when compared to the offices of corporate America. Make sure to tailor your resume to fit this smaller and closer work atmosphere. Specify how safe you are. Show you are deeply involved in the medical industry by mentioning your associations and certifications.

As long as you stay honest but confident, and you write a resume with relevant powerful language, you will stand out above most of the competition. Let your dental assistant resume get your foot in the door and win them over at the interview.

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