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Almost all industry has some form of customer service in place. Whether a small B2C brick & mortar retailer or a global B2B industrial goods manufacturer, customer questions, concerns, and complaints need to be managed.

For a large majority of these companies that means having a team of professional customer service representatives in place. These employees are often much more than their title, they are in many ways the face of the business.​

By understanding that, it makes it easier to know what hiring managers are looking for in a customer service representative, no matter if they are standing behind a counter or sitting in a cubicle wearing a headset.

What this writing guide covers:

Example of a Customer Service Representative Resume

Quick Facts

  • the applicant chooses to use a Career Objective using the company name
  • the applicant chooses to use a reverse-chronological format
  • the applicant includes post high-school education/training even though it did not result in a 4-year B.A. or B.S. degree
  • the applicant uses a clear and logical headings with well organized bullet points
Customer Service Resume Sample

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Text Version

James Davis 1273 NW Quincy Ave Bend OR 97701 (503) 276-7789 Objective Dedicated customer service associate looking for a role with [COMPANY NAME] that encompasses my strong customer relations and sales skills. Possess extensive knowledge of retail store policies and procedure. Proven history of excelling in a results-driven environment. Experience Sales Advisor May 2014 – Current L&V Men’s Fashion Department Ensure customers enjoy an outstanding shopping experience as per L&V’s mission statement Handle point of sale transactions in excess of thousands of dollars a day Assist with general customer queries within the department Advise customers on latest arrivals to suit their personal style Customer Service Associate August 2013 – April 2014 Morris Superstore Handled cash and cashier float reconciliation Twice Awarded Associate of the Month by peers Assisted with general store merchandising and stocking Professionally represented company at all times Education Retail Management Certificate August 2012 – July 2013 Central Oregon Community College High distinction pass in Customer Service Care module Professional development training – Retail Marketing and Advertising

Customer Service Resume Writing Tips

Customer service as a job description ​casts a very large net. There are all different types of duties a company may be looking for. Before you start working on your resume, make sure you actually have the skills and experience that match the position to which you are applying.

​However, if you background isn’t a perfect fit, don’t be discouraged. You still might be great for the position. It will just take a little more resume writing effort to show how your skill-set transfers over.

Explain the One Company Why You’re a Match

Unless you’re applying for a management role, there’s no reason to open your resume with anything other than a Career Objective ​like our applicant James did. The great thing about doing so is that Career Objectives are only a few sentences long. That means it’s not very time consuming to custom tailor each opening for each individual position you apply for.

One very simple way to do this is to insert the company’s name directly into your resume’s opening. It’s also a best practice in resume writing to try and mimic the language and tone in any job postings the company has made, even it they are for other positions. Depending on the size of the company, you may interview with the very person that drafted the copy for the postings.​

Put a Dollar Figure on It

​In terms of proving your worth, nothing is as good as cold hard numbers. However, if your previous experience does’t allow for quoting a specific dollar figure, using a range is OK too. That is exactly what our applicant James does –

  • Handle point of sale transactions in excess of thousands of dollars a day

By showing a potential future employers the scope of your current or previous position they will have abetter idea of how you will fit into a new role. They also learn that you can be trusted with handling and managing company assets, which is an invaluable trait.

Show Them You’re a Rising Star

​Though customer service reps are often right on the front lines, it’s not the most glamorous not more appreciated position in a company. Go above and beyond on your resume to show you go above and beyond your day-to-day duties carries a lot of weight with hiring managers.

​One great way to show that is by mentioning any type of awards won or milestones achieved. James Davis does both.

  • Twice awarded Associate of the Month by peers

While this type of award isn’t like wining an Oscar, it’s nothing to shrug off either. Peer review is a very common tactic in HR, so winning this award not once but twice is enough to potentially catch a resume reviewer’s eye.

In addition to the award, James includes an education section.

James Davis Education Section

​He doesn’t have a 4-year degree, but he did pursue additional education after high school. That shows drive and initiative, both of which are very strong traits.

In Summary

The applicant James Davis went far above what most other applicants will do when pursuing the same position. He customized his​ Career Objective for both the company and position, he quantified the scope and range of his duties and experience, and he showed how he has been a great employee and is still improving as well.

If this resume lands on the desk of a competent hiring manager or human resources representative there’s absolutely no reason it would not result in a call back for an interview in regards to a customer service opening.

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