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The brick & mortar retail world would come to a freeze without a steady supply of reliable cashiers to process customer orders.

​But, as online shopping grows and more and more stores implement self-checkout options, showing potential employers that you’re the right person for their cashier position opening is more important than ever before.

​Use our example cashier resume to help you craft an interview-grabbing resume now.

What this writing guide will cover:

Example of a Cashier Resume

Quick Facts

  • the applicant uses a Career Objective
  • the applicant has chosen to use a reverse-chronological format
  • the applicant includes both an education section and a skills section
  • the applicant uses an easy-to-read template with section headers and bullet points
Cashier Resume Sample

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Text Version

Markus Turner 3008 Clay Lick Road, Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 908-5211 Objective Head cashier for 2.5 years for a regional supermarket chain with a total of 4+ years in retail. Friendly people-person with the ability to multi-task effectively. Looking to join the [COMPANY NAME] team and support point-of-sale process. Experience Head Cashier July 2013 – Current Clifton Foods Supervise up to seven cashiers per shift Handle up to $5,000 of cash transactions as well as electronic transactions Responsible for preparing and delivering bank deposits Answer phone calls from both customers and vendors and forward inquiries to appropriate personnel Cashier April 2011 – June 2013 Harrison General Accurately and rapidly processed shopper purchases Assisted vendors and merchandisers with floor product replenishment and presentation Followed company procedures for issuing store credit or refunds Awarded employee of the month twice Related Skills Point of sale (POS) system operations, MS Word, MS Excel, money handling, math, basic bookkeeping, teamwork, leadership Education A.A. Business Management August 2010 – June 2012 Community College of Denver

Resume Writing Tips for Cashiers

Whether you’re applying to a big brand general retailer or a small local specialty shop, the skills required to be useful and successful cashier are very similar. Employees want a reliable, friendly person they can trust with processing many small financial transactions.​

The Career Objective for a Cashier Resume

This applicant, Markus Turner, chose to use a Career Objective for his cashier resume as opposed to another resume opening. This is an appropriate choice as the level of this position doesn’t warrant using a more sophisticated option.

Next, he made sure to show in numbers how much experience he has​ as both a head cashier and with the retail industry overall.

career objective head cashier

Don’t sell yourself short on your cashier resume by only including your most recent position in terms of your years of experience if you have worked as a cashier at several businesses. Or, even if you weren’t handling money, but you worked in retail, include it. Just be clear and honest about your experience.

​Furthermore, when you are creating your resume, target each opening to a specific company like this applicant does.

Use Numbers When Possible

Although while behind a cash register, you have a lot of money exchanging hands, sometimes it’s difficult to quantify you duties and experience with numbers. S0, take every opportunity to do so.​

Markus starts off his cashier resume by expressing his experience in numbers. Instead of just using generic terms like several, his gives the exact number of years he has been working in the industry.

The applicant also uses the experience section to quantify his past accomplishments.​

  • Supervise up to seven cashiers per shift

Anytime you can mention the fact that you manage, supervise, or train other employees, it’s a big plus. But, our applicant goes above simply mentioning he had some supervisor duties. He also mentions exactly how many people he supervises.

​Another way to get some hard numbers into your resume is include the amount of money you are responsible for handling.

  • Handle up to $5,000 of cash transactions as well as electronic transactions

Just like how an accountant can use dollar figures in his or her work experience section, a cashier can use this method to quantify the scope of their duties.

There's always a way to squeeze in some numbers. ​You might need to get a little creative, but taking the extra effort will really make your resume stand out against those who did not.

Flaunt Responsibility and Success

For those position where you don’t have a lot of options to show your abilities with lots of examples using numbers, you can still show your worth. Whenever you have the chance to mention a relevant milestone or a certain earned responsibility, do so.​

Our applicant managed to show his responsibility and success in two ways. First, he mentions he supervised other employees.​

  • Supervise up to seven cashiers per shift

Next, he shows that his current employer rewarded his work on more than one occasion.

  • Awarded employee of the month twice

Another option here is to add a bullet point if you’re in charge of training or on-boarding new employees or transfers to your department.

Show the Full Picture

When you job experience doesn’t show the full range of your abilities and skills, you can add a skills section, just like this applicant has done in this sample.

related skills

This actually serves two purposes.

First, you can show potential hiring managers different equipment and software you are comfortable with handling. Second, it allows you to add some job relevant keywords to your resume. This can help you get past applicant tracking systems and in front of human eyes.​

The key here is to keep your skills related to the position in which you are applying to like the above example does. It’s not the place to talk about your fencing ability or how decent your jump shot is, unless you’re applying to a coaching job. ​

In Summary

When writing your cashier resume, feel free to take a look at our sample cashier resume. Do you best to follow all of the steps mentioned like quantifying your skills and experience with numbers, showing your relevant accomplishments, and giving the person tasked with reviewing it a full picture of who you are professionally.

By taking the time to fine tune each of these areas, you greatly improve your chances of shining above all the other potential applicants chasing the same position.​

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