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Why You Should Not Include References on Your Resume

While some guides to resume writing suggest listing your references, the consensus opinion today is that you should not list them. Why not? The purpose of the resume is to get you in the door; not to give someone a reason to eliminate you from consideration. Let Your Resume do its Job When you send […]

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LinkedIn is Great for Networking, but it’s Not a Resume

There’s no argument that LinkedIn is the major online business networking platform. Because of that, maintaining and managing a LinkedIn profile is an important part of job hunting today. But, your LinkedIn profile is not a substitute for your resume. Job Hunting in the Past vs. Now Back before the Internet explosion,  job hunting was […]

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Three Questions to Ask at a Job Interview

When most people think of a job interview, they tend to worry most about what questions they might be asked at the interview. It is important, of course, to anticipate what sort of questions one might be asked. However, just as important is preparing valuable questions for you to ask the interviewer. That being said, […]

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