Career Objection for Content Writer

As more and more online business’s marketing strategies incorporate content marketing, the demand for content writers will only increase. And, unlike many other positions, it’s almost impossible to automate quality content creation.

That means as a content writer, you’re in a good place.

However, because your work involves not only writing, but writing at a professional level, a content writer’s resume requires a little extra attention. In a way, it’s your first chance to show off your writing skills.

How to Write Your Own From Scratch

Follow these steps to create your resume’s career objective:

Step 1

No matter what position you are seeking, you still need to follow the basic rules of how to write a career objective. That means you first need to decide if this is indeed the correct resume opening for this position.

Unless you are looking for a type of supervisory or managerial role within a content creation or copywriting department, this is actually a pretty solid choice. If you are aiming for management though, you might want to consider something that allows you to highlight some hard numbers right off the bat like a professional profile.

Step 2

Before you start writing, make a list of strong adjectives that describe your personality, work ethic, skills, and experience. You will want to make these the cornerstone of your opening, so it’s important to spend a little time finding those perfect words.

If you’re not happy with he words that come to mind, try tinkering with an online thesaurus to come up with some variations you might like better.

Step 3

Once you have about 8 to 10 solid adjectives, you can start to write your actual opening. You will want to try and keep the career objective to about 3 or 4 sentence, so every word matters.

The first sentence should mention something positive about yourself. you don’t need to repeat your name, but you do need to explain who you are. Are you reliable, hard working, or an all-star employee?

The next sentence should then include the position you are applying to. And, it’s always a good idea to include the company name so they feel you are doing at least a little customization of your resume for them.

Finally, you can close it out with how you are going to be an asset to the company. Remember, they don’t care about what they can do for you. They care about what you can do for them.

Step 4

This is the most important step. After you finish your first draft of your objective, stop what you are doing and take a break. Go for a walk or watch something funny on YouTube. You need to clear your mind before you can go back and try to objectively self edit your first draft.

And remember, you need to spend a little more time than someone is a less creative field. Your word matter more since you are seeking a position that revolves around words.

Examples for Content Writers

Here are a few examples. Free free to use them as a template.

Example 1

Passionate and diligent wordsmith with a variety of voices. Seeking to fulfill the content writer position for ABC Blogging Solutions. Looking to parlay my three years of university journalism experience into a successful digital copywriting career where I can help a growing company conquer their market.

Example 2

Tried and true travel blogger with two years of boots on the ground experience. Looking to join the content writing team for Adventure Gear Extreme Online with the aim of infusing real world experience into your content marketing execution. No matter from the office or on assignment, punctuality and excellence are essential.

Example 3

Current assistant lead of content strategy for Local 1 Marketing Agency. Seeking to fulfill Galaxy University’s recruitment team’s open content writer position. With six and 1/2 years of digital content strategy planning, writing, and implementation, my experience and reliability are the perfect fit to help support your recruitment efforts.

Example 4

As a true content creation ninja, I am hoping to earn a role in Jackson & Jackson’s marketing team. My exquisite attention to detail along with a drive for perfection that is unmatched will be a valuable asset to company. With four years of content writing experience for a leading e-commerce website, I’m the turnkey solution you’re looking for.

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